Correcting Grammar One Song at a Time

How do some song titles and lyrics play out when given a grammatical tune-up? Let’s find out today, on this National Grammar Day. If you like what happens here, click over to last year’s post featuring 10 Heartfelt Sentiments for grammar lovers.

Correcting Grammar_U2


Correcting Grammar_Push It



Correcting Grammar_Ghostbusters



Correcting Grammar_One Less Problem


Correcting Grammar_Dylan



Correcting Grammar _BTO



Correcting Grammar_Foreigner

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    Bruno Mars – The first time I heard “Should’ve gave you all my hours” I thought “Aww, what a nice sentiment.” The second time I heard it I thought “Should have gave!?”

    But the one I really can’t stand, the one that has been driving me batty for over 20 years, is the song “More Than Words” by 90s hair band Extreme: “Saying I love you / Is not the words I want to hear from you.”

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